About Us

EKLIPSE is a female string quartet. The four young ladies Felicitas Fischbein (Violin), Maline Zickow (Violin), Ida Luzie Philipp (Viola) and Linda Laukamp (Cello) are enchantresses on their instruments and radiate joy, intensity and power.

From 2012 to 2016 they produced two LPs „A Night in strings“ and „Electric Air“, a compilation of classical interpretations of contemporary music of many genres. In 2015 they also released their EP „Liberté, Egalité, Sensualité“ – inspired by french music of diverse periods.

EKLIPSE look back on an extensive experience of live performances: Touring Europe and the USA with bands such as Nightwish, Kamelot and The Mission. Concerts with Unheilig, Apoptygma Berzerk, Festivals such as M’era Luna, WGT and Amphi Festival as well as events like the Berlin Fashionweek.

In 2019, after a period of renewal, EKLIPSE is presenting themselves as a strong creative unity: Besides finding new influences and transforming them into the beautiful EKLIPSE sound, the bands sets out to write original music.

Based on the classical education of the musicians, you will feel a vigorous joy when hearing their experimental approaches on modern music. EKLIPSE is virtuous playing with form and fantasy, is restatement and replacement, is heart and commitment.

This also finds confirmation in the optical representation of the dames and their unique artistry. Their artisan apparel is self designed and crafted and underlines their futuristic yet exceedingly appealing femininity.

How manifold Violin, Viola and Cello can sound EKLIPSE will show with an immense stylistic bandwidth of not only their original work but also to detail arranged covers. Underpinned with forcing yet atmospheric Rock- and Electro-beats songs from e.g. Rammstein, Muse and Billy Talent get aspirated to new life in an own new soundly garment. Having so far been an exclusively instrumental band, EKLIPSE will sport few but well placed Guest Vocalist on their next releases.

This being said another collaboration with platin-award-artist and NDW-pinoneer Joachim Witt is taking place on his own new Album “Rübezahls Rückehr” also featuring EKLIPSE .